I don’t want anyone to feel like I did when I was younger – excluded from fashion as a result of the body that I live in. I felt like an outsider, not only in terms of how clothes fit me, but also in the recognition of the normative patterns for presenting fashion. During my design studies, I’ve realised that it’s more about how a body is presented, and the context in which it is presented, rather that the body as such. When it comes to fit, it’s incredibly important to understand the body’s shape, position, and function to achieve that feeling of being embraced by a comfortable garment. That’s how a garment should feel. Working with shape and representation is the core of my creative efforts.

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Seated Jeans x Gina Tricot

Fashion, Representation

A Collaboration with the swedish brand Gina Tricot with four styles of seated jeans. The jeans are redonstructed to follow the shape of the body in a seated position. Read more about the collaboration here.

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Have a Seat 2017

Conceptual Fashion, Representation

The collection discuss the topic of bodies within fashion, both in what we see and feel in wear focusing on seated bodies in use of wheelchairs. The collectiion presents a range of distored traditional jeans discussing legs.

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Studies, Representation

The master studies at the Swedish School of Textiles is the main focus at the moment. To be able to open up the industry even more and to investigate new ways of expanding boundaries regarding ableism in the fashion and media scene.

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